At Dekker Photography, I feel that every woman
should do a boudoir shoot at some point in their life.

Regardless of age, shape or size, all women are beautiful, sexy and seductive. Sometimes with the chaos of life, work and kids, women can forget about their softer and sexier side.

My goal during your boudoir session is to make you feel alluring, sensual and sexy, because you are! Whether the boudoir shoot is for a wedding, birthday or anniversary gift, or just for yourself to celebrate your inner vixen, a boudoir photography shoot is perfect for both you and for that special someone in your life.

I feel that the experience of the boudoir shoot is just as important as creating beautiful photos. One of the things I love to see the most, is the boost of confidence my clients have when they finish the photo shoot.

Hearing so many women say that they can’t believe that the woman in the photo is them, and that they never knew they could be that sexy, makes my job that much more fun and satisfying. I always suggest to start with getting your hair and makeup done as you begin your transformation into your sexiest self (and a nice glass of wine always helps too!). I will give you suggestions and help you pull together several different options from your wardrobe.

Using different locations and backgrounds, we will create breathtaking, compelling and eye-catching images that will show off your flirtatious side and make jaws drop.

After the photo session, you will be able to view all your images and pick out your favorites. We offer many different options to create the perfect album, unique wall pieces or fine art images from your shoot. So leave your inhibitions at the door, and show us how sexy you are.