Capturing that special glow that a woman has while pregnant with beautiful and artistic maternity photographs is one of my specialties

Motherhood is one your biggest moments. And when you are preparing for a baby, there is a wonderful energy that helps us create spectacular images. At Dekker Photography, I take captivating and artistic images in or out of the studio and personalize them to fit your needs.

There are many options for the type of maternity photography that we can do to capture your pregnancy. In-studio, we can capture the classic, fine art black, and white nude or semi-nude maternity photography.

This is usually a more intimate and artistic session where we can show off the baby bump with silhouettes, flowing fabrics, or even boudoir style with some sexy lingerie. Another option is to go outdoors for on-location maternity portraits, capturing a beautiful, natural feel to the photos.

There are many locations that are beautiful and lend themselves very well for a maternity shoot. I also encourage the family to take part in the photo shoot. Having your husband and especially any other children involved in a family maternity photo session makes it even more special.

With the pregnancy photo session, it is also a wonderful way to start a special collaboration of shooting you and your family through the baby’s first year and beyond. I offer several packages that can include both pregnancy and newborn photo sessions, as well as a baby’s first-year package. After the photo session, we can create some beautiful pieces that will show off your glowing pregnancy photos, and can incorporate the ideas of the future shoots.