I like to take the time to get to know you and your family in
order to have a fun and creative family photography session

My non-traditional imagery is so special in family portraits, because every family is different! My ultimate goal is to capture you and your family’s personality to the best of my ability, creating images that will last a lifetime. All the while having a family session that is relaxed, playful and captures the moment. 

We can create the images in your home, where your children can feel at ease in their own environment. This can sometimes be easier if we are doing a session with younger kids who are not quite sitting up by themselves, or not walking yet. We can capture those fun naked baby shots (I love those chunky legs and cute butt shots!).

Or I can recommend some fantastic outdoor locations depending on the feel you are looking for and the personality of your family. We can explore a beach location, letting your family run around and being playful, or find a serene area surrounded by trees and greenery. 

If you prefer a more modern and urban look there are tons of great city locations, or find something even more funky with bight colors and murals in the background. Deciding on the right location is the first step we will take to create your perfect family photography session. 

After the session you will be able to decide how to best display your photos in a way that suites your family’s aesthetic. 

I offer many different products and packages that can be customized in the way that works best for you. From custom albums, to interesting wall collages, to digital packages, there is something that can work for every family.