I was looking for a photographer for a very small (just 5 people) destination wedding in Sayulita, Mexico. Beth was referred to my by a good friend who works with Beth on some photo shoots. It turns out she was available to do our wedding being that it was on a Monday and not a weekend. Beth wanted to set up an appt with her first in her SF studio to meet the groom and go over all details. We did this 2 weeks before wedding. After we met with Beth (My friend came with me too) and all three of us agreed we picked the right photographer! Come wedding day, Beth arrived at the house we rented on time and ready to go. Just as she had said in our appointment, she shot the groom first then me as I was getting ready. She basically photographed the entire day, from getting ready, to the civil/church ceremony and spent a few hours after just doing random shots in cool places and finished on the beach! She was fun, creative and gave us great cues.

– Angie

WOW! Unbelievable! What a fantastic day, and the pics are breathtaking!!! Beth, you are the best!!


I am one of Sophie’s grandmothers. Of course, I am totally objective. These photos are remarkable … fantastic, marvelous. They beyond beautiful. They also capture the love, soul, spirit, and essence of Mark, Tamara, and Sophie. Thank you for bringing such incredible beauty to print! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


Beth! So Awesome! Thank you for all of these pics! You are amazing. Thank you! Thank you! The comments back have been phenomenal, some of them so far: amazing, bad-ass and ssiiiiiiccckkk, are all thanks to your point of view…

Emily & Alex

Beth is amazing. She is so much fun to work with!

She is thorough, a great personality, and incredibly prepared. When she met with us to cover every aspect of the day, she came armed with printouts of the forecast, sunrise/sunset times, and had backup locations in the event of bad weather. She had a script of what and how everything would run, where we would shoot what, and how long everything would take. After we returned from our honeymoon, we were given an entire afternoon for an appointment for the wedding album.

I have yet to hear anyone say our album was “nice” or it was “pretty.” A sample of some of the feedback I have heard is: amazing, breathtaking, a work of art, beyond words, you look like models, she really captured your spirits on film, and I have never seen a more incredible wedding album.

This is your wedding – it is one of the most special days of your life. Choose wisely; I am so glad we did! 100% recommended without any reservations.

Larry & Julia


As I have seen and witnessed in one other wedding and now my own…you are a true craftswoman at what you do…..a total gifted photographer. Looking at these pictures, I feel like you truly captured the love, excitement, and friendship in the air.

You totally brought tears to my eyes.

My wedding party and guests had nothing but exceptional things to say about you and your assistant. They were impressed that you even got down on the ground to take photos and thought you showed true dedication!

For anyone who is looking for a photographer that is energetic and wants to capture their most precious moments in a way that makes you feel glamorous, Beth is your gal! She is worth every penny and I can’t wait to hire her for the next steps in our lives!!

Bravo Beth!

The Herreros

Your pictures are amazing! I truly love your style and the bride/groom look wonderful! Everyone looks like they are having a fabulous time and we did!